Creating conditions for entrepreneurship development in Southeast Region

NAME: Creating conditions for entrepreneurship development in Southeast Region (Creating conditions for entrepreneurship development in Southeast Region)


The specific objectives are focused on:

- Informing and motivating 220 unemployed, inactive and working people wishing to develop their own business;

- Providing a complex of trainings and services to 162 unemployed, inactive and working, incl. young people up to 29 years to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for starting, managing and developing a real business;

- Providing support for starting a real business and finding appropriate sources of funding through access to services and mentoring for business development for 108 representatives of the target group of the project.


The project will be implemented in all districts on the territory of the Southeast region - Burgas, Sliven, Stara Zagora and Yambol and will be aimed at persons wishing to start an independent business, incl. unemployed, inactive or working, incl. young people up to 29 years Out of the total number of 220 persons from the indicated target group included in the project, it is envisaged that not less than 65% will be unemployed and / or inactive and / or unemployed young people under the age of 29. The project will also cover 77 employees.


It is widely recognized that new companies and entrepreneurs are important for innovation, job creation and economic development in Europe. In recent years, interest in the socio-economic phenomenon of "entrepreneurship" has grown significantly worldwide. This is a result of awareness of its role as a driving force of social development. The role of entrepreneurship is growing as a result of the globalization of economic life However, traditional education and training systems in Europe have long been unsupported by entrepreneurship and self-employment, and as attitudes are formed in early childhood, education systems need to contribute more to the development of entrepreneurial skills and attitudes. The introduction of the discipline Entrepreneurship has started in Bulgaria in the last 2-3 years, but at this stage there is a strong shortage of trained staff. raising inform self-employment as a career opportunity, as well as creating a positive attitude towards entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship should not only be seen as a means of creating a new business, but as a general mindset that supports innovative, entrepreneurial behavior that can be useful in everyday life as well as in different work environments.


The overall goal of the project is to create supportive and favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in the Southeast region and the promotion of self-employment. To achieve the set goals, activities will be implemented, including:

1. Informing and motivating for the development of independent economic activity and entrepreneurship;

2. Providing trainings related to the development of entrepreneurial, managerial and business knowledge and skills and development of business ideas and business plans for management of independent economic activity (specialized trainings);

3. Provision of consulting services for preparation for self-employment, and support activities


The direct result of the current activity is the consolidation and upgrading of acquired knowledge and skills, as well as the readiness and confidence to start their own business of the persons from the target group included in the program.