Coal regions in the Western Balkans, Ukraine and the EU are invited to join an exchange programme to accelerate just local energy transitions

Coal regions exchange programme ENGCoal regions in the Western Balkans, Ukraine and the EU are invited to join an exchange programme to accelerate just local energy transitions. The programme is an opportunity for regions to start direct, one-to-one dialogues, connect with different stakeholders, learn from each other, and transfer knowledge.  

25 June 2021 - Discussion on "The Just Transition Fund and the Bulgarian Coal Regions",

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The European Parliament Liaison Office in Bulgaria and Europe Direct Stara Zagora are pleased to invite you to a hybrid discussion on "The Just Transition Fund and the Bulgarian Coal Regions", which will be held with a limited number of live participants in Stara Zagora on June 25, 2021, Friday. , from 13.00 to 14.30 and will be broadcast live online.

Details of the way the Just Transition Fund will function and its potential impact on Bulgarian coal regions will be presented at the forum. The main topics of discussion will focus on the measures provided for in the Just Transition Regulation, the type of investments and structural changes that need to be undertaken by countries and regions to facilitate the transition to a green economy and the aspects of the Regulation has not yet been agreed.

The event will start with a panel discussion with Manolis Kefalogiannis (EPP / Greece), Member of the European Parliament and Rapporteur on the Just Transition Regulation, Tsvetelina Penkova (S&D), Member of the European Parliament, and the Committee on Regional Development, Elodie Duran, Program Manager, Department E3, DG Regional and Settlement Policy of the European Commission and Kostadin Sirleshtov, Managing Partner at CMS Sofia and Head of the Energy and Climate Change Department for Central and Eastern Europe.

The panel discussion will be followed by a discussion with the audience, and the moderator of the event will be Dr. Rumyana Grozeva, Executive Director of the Regional Economic Development Agency in Stara Zagora, the host organization of Europe Direct Stara Zagora.

The event will be broadcast on the Zoom platform. The working languages will be Bulgarian and English with two-way simultaneous translation for the participants in the Zoom meeting. The discussion will be broadcast live only in Bulgarian on the Facebook page of the European Parliament Liaison Office in Bulgaria.

Send your questions to the participant using slido with #JTF. During the event, you shall ask your question using the chat function in the Zoom platform and Facebook chat.

Event's AGENDA 

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On September 28, 2020, the Regional Economic Development Agency StaraZagora (DeCarb project funded by Interreg Europe) in cooperation with the Black Sea Energy Research Center (TRACER project, funded by Horizon 2020) and David Holding Inc. (GreenDC project, funded by Horizon 2020) organized a "NEW ENERGY MIX" - PUBLIC DIALOGUE FOR THE TRANSITION TO A LOW CARBON ECONOMY IN STARA ZAGORA.
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6th meeting of the working group on DeCarb projects, funded by Interreg Europe and TRACER, funded by Horizon2020


On 11/02/2021 (Thursday) from 10:00 to 14:30 in the hall "Zelenika" in the complex, Green Hill SZREDA together with the Black Sea Energy Research Center hosted the 6th meeting of the DeCarb design working group, funded by Interreg Europe and TRACER, implemented by BSERC and funded by Horizon2020.

The meeting was held with great interest in a hybrid version - online and live. There were over 50 participants.

The focus of that meeting was put over started preparation of Territorial Just Transition Plans in Bulgaria – Stara Zagora, Pernik, and Kyustendil.

The experience of other EU coal regions that are going through similar processes was represented. The stakeholders were able to get to know interregional experience, lessons learned, and good practices to be implemented in our region.

Territorial Just Transition Plans will be prepared for the first time and their purpose is to ensure a smooth transition to low-carbon industries/services/productions of a regional economy heavily dependent on fossil fuel. 

For Stara Zagora Region preparation of Territorial Just Transition Plans is a key moment. Development of the region is depending on this document: workplaces, investments, standard, and quality of life. The efforts of the SZREDA team are aimed at ensuring of information and experience of other regions, organizations, and institutions which to be maximum used for the regional level.

We would like to express special thanks to our panels Angel Nikolaev, Dr. Lefteris Topaloglou, NikoNatek, Brieuc Posnic Desislava Kraleva, Sebastian Hyzyk, Assoc. Prof. Nelly Grozeva, Karel Tichý, Tomas Burdych, Prof. Hristo Vassilev and Julian Popov for their great contribution in the dialogue on decarbonization, fair transition, and territorial plans for fair transition.


presentations in English:

1. Territorial Just Transition Plan in the Czech Republic - Tomas Burdych, Usti Region 

2. Financing Just Transition Project - Sebastian Hyzyk, EIB

3. European green Deal And Just Transition - Brieuc Posnic - DG Energy

4. Territorial Plans for Just Transition Influencing the energy transition of the Savinjsko-šaleška coal intensive region, dipl. eng. Niko Natek

 5. Good practices TRACER - Angel Nikolaev 


SZREDA received approval for identified of new good practice from Bulgaria within the DeCarb project


The team of Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency (SZREDA), as the leading partner of the DeCarb project (9 partners from eight EU countries), received approval for an identified second good practice from Bulgaria within the framework of the project. Namely, the number of identified good practices is one of the key objectives of the project to promote the exchange of useful experience in the regions of Europe.

The good practice that has been recognized as successful in other EU countries and regions is a Bulgarian start-up project that produces wood stoves that have an extremely small environmental footprint.

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