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Project Green Infrastructure Network (Green InfraNet), funded by the INTERREG IVC Operational Programme of the European Commission

greeninfranet logo for office printing colorFrom January 2012 the Agency for Regional Economic Development - Stara Zagora is part of an international consortium of 12 partner organizations from 10 countries who implemented the project Green Infrastructure Network (Green InfraNet), funded by the INTERREG IVC Operational Programme of the European Commission, the category "Regional Initiative Project ", Priority 2 'Environment and risk prevention" subcategory "Biodiversity and conservation of natural heritage."дство".

Part of activities scheduled to be implemented in 12 regions participating in different countries in the European Union, provide study the process of making decisions to initiate and implement a policy relating to environmental protection and protection of natural areas, preparing the adjoining strategy and its implementation at the local or regional level. For this purpose, each partner must submit the necessary steps, key actors and makers that accompany the transformation of a conceptual proposal concerning the environment in a purposeful policy of the municipal or district administration.

The project duration is 36 months  

URL: http://www.greeninfranet.org/



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Green Infrastructure Network

Brochure Green Infrastructure Network

Green Infrastructure is addressing the spatial structure of natural and semi-natural areas but also other environmental features which enable citizens to benefit from its multiple services. The underlying principle of Green Infrastructure is that the same area of land can frequently offer multiple benefits if its ecosystems are in a healthy state. Green Infrastructure investments are generally characterized by a high level of return over time, provide job opportunities, and can be a cost-effective alternative or be complementary to 'grey' infrastructure and intensive land use change. It serves the interests of both people and nature.

The Commission has produced a brochure explaining the main issues of Green Infrastructure.  More detailed background on Green Infrastructure, including relevant studies with best practice examples, can be found here.

For illustrations of the Green Infrastructure concept click here.

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