INNOGROW (Regional policies for innovation driven comptetitiveness and growth of rural SMEs)

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The project INNOGROW (Regional policies for innovation driven comptetitiveness and growth of rural SMEs) aims to provide regional supprt to engage the rural economoy SMEs in innovation. Ussualy, the rural economy SMEs face big challenges in adopting innovation in order to increase their competitiveness. Regional polcyes need to address and coresspondingly support the diffusion of innovative solutions and new business models that will lead to increasement in productivity and will provide access to new markets. INNOGROW regions are called to play an important role in supporting the modernisation of the already existing rural SMEs and the proliferation of innovative startups.

In order to achieve its objective, the INNOGROW project brings together nine partners from eight countries, involving the managing authorities & regional bodies influencing regional and national policy instruments, to exchange experiences & practices, and to improve their capacity on implementing policies that promote the adoption of technology and business model innovations by rural economy SMEs, to boost their competitiveness.

The project will influence positively by providing enhanced innovation support services for over 5% of rural economy SMEs in partners’ regions, improved horizontal & vertical cooperation among SMEs in rural areas for products commercialisation, increased capacity of 200 staff of public administrations to effectively implement policies, stimulating innovation adoption by rural economy SMEs and over 10 million euros of investments unlocked to promote innovative technologies & new business models.



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