High school students from Stara Zagora participated in a Summer Entrepreneurship Training Camp on the Azores, Portugal

In July 2019, on the island of Terceira, part of the Azores archipelago, the autonomous region of Portugal, the students Adriana Raykova from the FLSS Roman Roland, Ivan Basamakov from the MSS Geo Milev and Vera Tzoneva and Zhivko Petkov from the TG Prince Simeon Turnovski participated in a Summer Entrepreneurship Training Camp with their peers from Portugal, Spain and Romania.

Within 4 days the students were trained in theoretical classes, mentoring and practical work in groups to develop and present a business concept and business plan. Very special was the focus on how to grab the attention of potential investors in the first minute of concept presentation - a particularly useful skill in an increasingly competitive daily life where the huge flow of information spares no one. On the penultimate day of the Camp, a team-to-team competition was held, organized by the Department of Youth of the Autonomous Portuguese Region. The competition has involved a total of 9 teams.

Each team had 8 minutes to present its business concept and business plan. An international jury listens to all teams and, apart from the traditional 3 awards, there were one additional special award.

To some extent, the first places were "given" to the teams from the Archipelago, but not because they hosted the Camp, but because in the Archipelago's educational system, entrepreneurship is studied in depth from the primary school and entrepreneurship competitions between schools from all islands are held on annual basis.

The third award was given to the Romanian Team.

The Bulgarian team presented a business concept and business plan for a "green" smart house - one of the few projects with environmental focus and answered with the necessary competence on the questions asked by the jury. The video from the presentation of the Bulgarian team is available here:

The last day of the Camp was devoted to a multicultural program and cooperation with participants from another Erasmus + funded project wich has some activities on the island.

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