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3rd party event report

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On 6th of December 2018, Venelin Dobrev from SZREDA's project team participated in 3rd party event as part of the activities for the GPP4Growth project. The event was a demo-day for startup projects in the green and sustainable sector organized by Cleantech Bulgaria. It was 1-day event that took place in Sofia Tech Park.

The team of SZREDA received invitation to attend the event and give thematic presentation which was as part of the agenda of the conference. The manager of Cleantech Bulgaria gave presentation about INNO Energy and the possibilities for green and sustainable startup projects to be financed.

As representative of the partnership consortium of the GPP4Growth project Venelin Dobrev participated in the event with presentation "GPP in the EU - market opportunity for green and sustainable solutions". During the presentation Venelin outlined that in many cases with green public procurement there is not enough interest from the business and public buyers have to take out the green criteria from the public procurement in order to have any bids from the business. He also addressed the question that small public buyers like small municipalities have the good will to implement more sustainable solutions but they don't have enough purchasing power to influence the market.

After the presentation there was discussion that focused on the opportunities for public buyers and startups to have more information about the possibilities to cooperate in terms of implementing green sustainable solutions trough public procurement. During the conference Venelin had the chance to exchange information with Cleantech Bulgaria which also have a project about green public procurement.






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